One very cold December day, you decided enough was enough and sought out a studio space. You found the perfect studio in Germantown, Ohio surrounded by all the natural scenery you could want! What started as a part time thing, became your life. I now work full time as a photographer and honestly...
                         I couldn't imagine doing anything else. 

Let's talk a little about how this all started. Imagine yourself in the height of the pandemic. It has been one year of working from home in Digital Marketing. You stare at the same wall... every. single. day. You went to school for fine art photography and managed an Olan Mills (If you are old enough to remember them...). Adult life crept up, Olan Mills closed and you moved into corporate life. Something was missing...


a little bit about

I am a 31 year old lover of all things spooky. Im a fall fanatic! Bring on the pumpkins and chai! I have a wonderful husband and a zoo of 3 dogs and 3 cats! (all rescued) I am an avid tattoo collector.
I love to be in the sun kayaking, swimming or gardening! Enough about me... I want to hear more about you! 

Okay, but who are you really.


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